Lamjung is one of the 77 districts in Nepal. Its district headquarters are located in Beshisahar. This district which falls within Gandaki Province in Nepal has an area of 1692 square kilometers. Lamjung is divided into eight municipalities – four municipalities and four rural municipalities. Lamjung is bordered with Manang District in the north, Gorkha and Tanhun Districts in the east and south and Kaski District in the west. The northern part of the district is the Himalaya and the foothills while the middle part extends from the northern alpine to the subtropical lower hills and river valleys. The southern part is rich with scattered plains and fertile land. The largest population group in the district is of Gurungs that make nearly 33% percent of the total population in the district. The population is about 211000 (in 2011). The socio cultural diversity of the district coincides with the geographical diversity of the land. The ethnic and community groups own a rich heritage of language, culture and religion.

While the higher hills are inhabited by the Gurungs the lower hills and valleys,

  • Brahmins,
  • Chhetris,
  • Tamangs,
  • Magars,
  • Kumals,

Newars and other groups have settled in the lower hills, river valleys and plains. Tamangs however are found on the higher hills alongside the Gurungs in many areas.

Name list of Board Member of COPPADES:

SN Name Gender


Designation Years of Experience in the sector Contact no.
1 Ms Bimala Kumal M Chairperson 15 years 9846438831
4 Mr. Padma Raj Kandel M Member Secretary 19 years 9841483243
5 Mrs. Nar Maya Devkota F Treasurer 15 years 9846556527
6 Jagat P. Kattel M Sub. Secretary 12 years 9846403251
7 Mr. Prakash Raj Kandel M Member 10 years 9846121158
8 Mr. Ram Chandra Adhikari M Member 15 years 9846437585
9 Mr. Naina Bikram Nepali M Member 8 years 9846165736
10 Mrs. Sushila Dhakal F Member 6 years 9846192373
11 Miss Dhan Kumari Gurung F Member 7 years 9816134083
12 Miss Chhupi Maya Gurung F Member 8 years 9846272851
13 Mr Bijaya Gurung M Member 24 years 9856029822