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COPPADES is currently implementing Livelihood Recovery Support Project (LRSP) for the earthquake hit families in Lamjung District. COPPADES is promoting small technological support in agriculture so as to make it a viable income earning activity. COPPADES is using many receptive tools in improving the livelihood of the farmers and the farming of coffee, cardamom, off-season vegetable farming among others in promoting the lives of the small farmers in the area.



COPPADES completed Nepal Earthquake Response Project (NERP) with the financial assistance of Lutheran World Relief (LWR), USA. The project was completed in December 2019. COPPADES also completed the project “Partnership for Development – Sajhedari Bikas Project (SBP)” with the funding support of PACT Inc. which was funded by USAID. The project SBP was focused on governance in the light of earthquake recovery and was completed on February 2018. COPPADES has been in implementation of Livelihood Recovery Support Project (LRSP) with the financial support of Lutheran World Relief (LWR) USA. The project was completed in January 2019.

The just completed project of COPPADES is Youth Development Project (YDP) which was funded by World Vision International Nepal (WVIN) which focused on preparing the local youths in the social and community development activities. COPPADES has recently also completed the “Leave No One Behind – LNOB” project partnership with Practical Action which is further supported by UK AID/Department for International Development (DFID) UK. The focus under this project has been to rebuild the earthquake damaged houses of the most vulnerable and marginalized households in Dordi Rural Municipality and Rainas Municipality in Lamjung District and building the capacity of rural communities through construction (bricks, stone cutting, aggregate and timber treatment) enterprises. The communities were also made aware of the earthquake damage and technology and practice to build resilient houses through local materials. The municipalities also were capacitated on agreeing the construction of earthquake resilient houses and the communities were provided skills on masonry and other resilient construction activities.

COPPADES tried to improve the lives of the community people through various enterprises, assisting the local authorities in governance and providing the technological trainings and skills on agricultural enterprises. The issue became even more important after the devastating earthquake as people needed houses, livelihood alternatives and technologies. The vulnerable and marginalized houses needed the support most as they were unable to access the government support and build the houses they needed. COPPADES worked with the community people, the Practical Action and government agencies to build houses in Rainas and Dordi Municipalities.