In recent years, the government of Nepal and its development partners have emphasized decentralized planning, decision making and utilization of available resources so as to maximize the benefits to people. “Local Governance Accountability Facility” (LGAF) is included as a support mechanism to foster a positive, constructive and critical engagement of citizens and civil society with local government bodies and the primary units of public service delivery. The current situation is considered to have problems such as a weak association between spending and outcomes, misallocation and misappropriation of budgets, poor quality service delivery and resources rarely reaching to the frontline service providers and further to the target people !!


Through the project for Local Body Grants Expenditure and Community Engagement Survey COPPADES proposed to study the five selected VDCs namely Ilampokhari, Kolki, Gauda, Pyarjung and Bharte in Lamjung. COPPADES worked with VDCs in reviewing the the funds allocated, the channels through which funds tend to flow whether and how the funds have reached the intended beneficiaries so as to make recommendations for a more effective and improved service delivery procedures. COPPADES worked with the project funders, the Government of Nepal, District Development Committee (DDC) Lamjung, the VDC officials, representatives of Dalits and women and other community groups and civil society organizations in the process.

The porject was part of the Open Local Government Project of COPPADES. We plan on furthering the initiative in new and innovative ways and methods so that the local governance is transparent, accountable and equitable and that the intended outcome of the reduction of poverty is achieved and peace and harmony is maintained with the realization of social justice.